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21 February 2023 - 22 February 2023
Nairobi, Kenya
EU-Kenya Business Forum: Trade and Investment Opportunities in Kenya

The EU is the largest export destination for Kenyan products and its third source of imports. Kenyans ship flowers and agricultural products to Europe and buy a wide range of manufacturing goods from Europeans. However, the overall trade value potential between the EU and Kenya is estimated over € 500M more per year than the actual trade value.

Kenya and the EU are key economic partners. EU investment represents more than 30% of Kenya’s total FDI stock and can be expanded. Kenya’s strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value goods and services that European firms offer.

The EU-Kenya Business Forum aims to foster European trade & investment in Kenya by highlighting economic opportunities and potential whilst discussing areas for improvement. The event will promote Kenya as a business destination and identify trade and investment opportunities for job creation and sustainable and diversified growth. In line with its strategic vision, the EU and its Member states as major partners, are committed to supporting the formulation and implementation of reforms oriented towards a sustainable economic diversification of the Kenyan economy.


Each breakout session will be live-streamed on an EU, or EU-related social media platform. 

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Investing in Young Business in Africa (IYBA)                  


Agriculture Session


Circular Economy Session


Digitalization Session


Waste Management Session


Agro-processing Session


Health Session


Water Session


Construction Session


Renewable energy Session


Logistics & Freight Session


E-Mobility Session


Finance Session



The EU-Kenya Business Forum will be the first of its kind. It is a deliverable of the EU-Kenya Strategic Dialogue to market Kenya's trade & investment potential, highlighting key successes and opportunities as well as remaining challenges. It will be held in Nairobi in Feb 2023 and includes a platform for direct interaction between companies and between firms and policymakers.

The Business Forum is jointly organized by the EU and its Member States in partnership with the European Business Council and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance. The event will provide insights into key themes of EU-Kenya business, relations such as circular economy, agriculture, green energy, ICT and other infrastructure. Specific panels will showcase business cases and opportunities.

The forum will gather representatives from the EU and the Kenyan government, investors, business support organisations and financial institutions to discuss trade and investment opportunities and challenges in concrete terms.


The Forum will gather high-level officials from the EU and the government of Kenya. There will be participation from the political and technical level, including the Directorates General for International Partnerships and Trade.

The event is organised in a team Europe spirit including the 27 EU Member States' representations and business. From the Kenyan side, officials from key government departments and agencies as well as Business Support Organisations are on board.

A special role will be given to financing institutions that can help companies in Kenya and Europe. Finally, and above all, firms already established in Kenya and potential exporters and investors are at the core of all activities in the Business Forum. 

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Location Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill
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